"Can Markets Improve Recycling Performance? A Cross-Country Regression Analysis and Case Studies", 2023, with E. Prenovitz and P. Hazlett, Sustainability, 15(6): 4785.

"University Affiliated Research Centers: Evasive Entrepreneurship within the Department of Defense", forthcoming Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy"

"Bureaucratic Rent Creation: The Case of Price Discrimination in the Market for Postsecondary Education", 2023, with P. Hazlett, Constitutional Political Economy, 34(2).

Working papers

"You Work For Us Now: Concentration in University-performed Defense R&D" (previously titled "The Role of Universities in Defense Research")

"The Political Economy of Rising Defense Costs in the United States", accepted at The Independent Review

"Did the 'Quiet Revolution' Really Change Anything?" (with V. Geloso), major revisions at Canadian Journal of Economics

"Are Historians Increasingly Illiberal?" (with V. Geloso)

"The Political Economy of Military Base Redevelopment" (with C. Coyne)

Works in Progress

"Respect the Troops: A Theory of Social Praise" (with G. Caskey and P. Leeson)

"Output Maximizing Bureaucrat and a Theory of Nationalization" (with A. Nowrasteh and V. Geloso)

"Beyond the State: Understanding the Impact of Informal Institutions on Colonial Relations in Maine" (with N. Smith)